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I would like to use magnifico-popup to display a locally hosted mp4 file.

Do I need to define an iframe pattern for this or is there a simpler option.

Many thanks for your thoughts


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You'll need to integrate some third-party video player, for example

I'd recommend to use inline type of popup, as it allows you to open in popup any HTML code.

Related example:

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Thanks Dmitry for your answer, I struggled a couple of hours with your solution, I will suggest that they call the mediaelement plugin inside the open() callback of Magnific popup to make it work without problems. – Adan Archila Mar 23 at 7:32
@AdanArchila Tried initializing MediaElement with callbacks: { open: function() {} } - not working. Can you share your code? That would be great. Thanks! – Ihor - Jul 16 at 22:17 I can't paste code here in the comments, so I just forked Dmitry codepen and modified the callbacks, please only check the javascript is not a working example, I just wanted to paste my javascript – Adan Archila Jul 17 at 3:59
@AdanArchila thanks for the code, it shreds some light on proper js code. Another question - your .open-popup-link which opens Magnific, is it linked to mp4? What is passed to Magnific as inline content - just the url or full <video></video> tag? – Ihor - Jul 17 at 19:13
In my project I passed the ID of a div, this div looks something like this: <div class="video-player mfp-hide" id="video-player-832"><div class="video-player-container"><video></video></div></div> – Adan Archila Jul 18 at 5:12

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