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I have a table like the following

Exp                                Major       Start
---------------------------------- ----------- -------
My names ar W.Major and W.Start    Hal         Bark
W.Major is a doctor                Mark        Slope

I want to write a SQL query to replace W.Major or W.start in the exp column with the values in the columns Major and Start.

Can someone please suggest me a way to do this?

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Mind using commas or putting that in some kind of readable tabular format. I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish, but I'd be happy to help if I did. –  Joe Love Jan 8 at 6:00
What database did you use? –  xdazz Jan 8 at 6:02
Exp Major Start __________________________________________________________ | | 'My names are W.Major and W.Start' | Hal | Bark ___________________________________|________|_________________ 'W.Major is a doctor' | Mark | Slope ___________________________________|________|_______________ Sorry guys the above might make more sense? the text in the Exp column I want to replace. Wherever it shows W.Major I want to replace with the value in the Major column. Same thing for W.start –  user3171919 Jan 8 at 6:09

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The key is using two replace functions.

Update tablename
   set exp = replace (replace (exp, 'W.Major', major), 'W.Start', start);

Read more about replace on MSDN. This function is more or less the same across all major RDBMSes.


In a scenario where you don't know how many keywords and replacement columns are there in your text, I'd suggest you create a stored procedure in which you do the following:

  1. Use a temporary table that has two columns- one for the search key, e.g. 'W.Major', and the other with the name of the column , e.g. 'major'. Note that you don't have to store the values from that column, just the name of the column. Like this:-

    key        replacement_col
    ---------- -----------------
    W.Major    major
    W.Start    start
    ... and so on.
  2. Now build a dynamic SQL looping in with your main table and this temporary table. Loop the way you find comfortable. I would suggest the following method of looping:

    a) From the first row to the last row in your main table, select the column exp.

    b) Loop through this value of exp to search for any search keywords. Look for the keywords and values in your temp table.

    c) Prepare a dynamic SQL statement which would then write an update query with nested replace calls for you. Execute this dynamic SQL.

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Hey Rachcha, suppose I had 50 such columns and in my text I had correspondingly 50 type of W.[] ; do u know how I could then accomplish this? –  user3171919 Jan 8 at 6:35
Simple - use 50 replaces. You have already introduced a lot of complexity here. Or else, use the business layer to do this. Put the keywords and their replacement values into hash tables and iterate through them. That –  Rachcha Jan 8 at 6:43
Hey thanks Rachcha , is there anything possible that avoids hard coding like that. Say I don't know all the columns beforehand, is there something like a dynamic query that would help resolve this? –  user3171919 Jan 8 at 6:54
Perhaps you can use a stored procedure. Which RDBMS are you using? –  Rachcha Jan 8 at 6:55
microsoft sql server –  user3171919 Jan 8 at 7:47

Please see my answer to a similar question here http://stackoverflow.com/a/20991517/1123226

Please mark my reply as answer if that satisfies you!

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