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Some websites have comments portion and many other unnecessary portions. I want to just display the main article excluding the other portions in my custom Android WebView.

I have tried the example from Display a part of the webpage on the webview android

But it still shows the full website.

There is also the loaddatawithbaseurl class in Android but it is not working too as you can't specify till which portion of a website to show using this class.

Is there any other way to do this?

Thanks In Advance

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Ok actually found a way using JSOUP library.

See the reference here:


But I am facing some issues. For some website it is very structured and if I use the div-id parameter to determine which part of website to show, it works fine.

But for some websites, it has alot of div-classes and it doesn't show up as well (display a white page etc).

Any idea how it can be resolved? Or there is there any other way other than JSOUP?

Thanks In Advance

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