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I use Dynatrace to find problems in my company site. I want to say,wow, this is a beautiful tool for page performance.

But I found there are many kinds of rendering in dynatrace. For example:

  1. Calculating generic layout
  2. Calculating flow layout
  3. Scheduling layout task

What's the difference between these?

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Dynatrace have a good article called understanding internet explorer rendering behaviour. It also references a Gecko/Firefox link that is worth reading.

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for rendering analysis in dynatrace you should also check out the dynatrace free trial. We moved the capabilities from AJAX Edition to Dynatrace Browser Diagnostics++. What makes rendering activities easier to analyze is that we are now also capturing screenshots everytime something significantly changes.

I wrote a little blog about this that you may find helpful: http://apmblog.compuware.com/2014/12/11/dynatrace-ajax-edition-4-5-last-page-chapter-yet-story-continues/

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