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I want to find all elements which have an attribute that contains the word: "aut".

For example:

<div aut20="one" class="model"> Some text </div>
<span aut="two" class="model_1" ng-one="two"> Some text 2 </span>
<a class="three"> some text 2 </a>

Then the xpath query result would be <div> and <span> elements because it has "aut20" and "aut".

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Did you try searching the site, for example for "[xpath] contains attribute"? There are dozens of exact duplicate questions easily to find. –  Jens Erat Jan 8 at 14:41
@JensErat This is not a duplicate. This question is about the attribute /name/ containing a certain string, not its value. –  Thomas W Jan 9 at 8:59
Sorry, missread the question. –  Jens Erat Jan 9 at 9:15

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