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This is cool, and you all know that:


When I hit 'tab' it yields out in a nice html-formatted code. And I like that of course. I am a lazy coder, which would love coding to be easier. I would like to know if there is a php-engine that helps out with this in runtime. As for example

$clickLabel = array('Link 1', 'Link 2', 'Link 3' ,'Link 4', 'Link 5');
$pageTemplateID = 'myPageID';

// outputs html-tags with correct data

I think you might grasp what I am looking for. I think this would be great in certain cases. Sure there is better approaches to seperate content and structure then this.. but I have many projects with agile development in which does require quick coding and progress.

And I believe this part of the Zen coding would make a good effort. Of course this solution would probably be taking som time in execution at runtime.. but nevertheless ;)

Do you know of a php-script like this - that combines the Zencoding abbreviation but as a php function? It would be cool, or?


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