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I have source file data like below

02U523919 ff
03U523919 jj
04U523919 kk
06U12222 aa
07U88888 bb
08U99999 cc

Based on O1ADA or O1NNA, I need to append this data and create output file as below

01ADA 02U523919 ff
01ADA 03U523919 jj
01ADA 04U523919 kk
01NNA 06U12222 aa
01NNA 07U88888 bb
01NNA 08U99999 cc

How can i do it with perl or awk Please help.

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This may be more easy to understand. Put your file content into the file named test_file.

  1 #!/usr/bin/perl
  2 use utf8;
  3 use strict;
  4 use warnings;
  6 sub write_in_special_pattern {
  7     open my $file_handler, '<', 'test_file' or die;
  8     open my $new_handler, '>', 'write_test' or die;
  9     my $sign;
 10     while (my $row = <$file_handler>) {
 11         if ($row =~/01ADA/) {
 12             $sign = '01ADA';
 13             next;
 14         } elsif ($row =~ /01NNA/){
 15             $sign = '01NNA';
 16             next;
 17         }
 18         print $new_handler $sign.' '.$row;
 19     }
 20     close $file_handler;
 21     close $new_handler;
 22 }
 24 write_in_special_pattern();
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Thanks a lot Jack. Really appreciate it – user3172484 Jan 9 '14 at 0:27
you are welcome. It's my pleasure that it can give some help to you. – JackXu Jan 9 '14 at 0:46

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