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It's my first time using PostgreSQL 8.4.2 with Django(I have always used MySQL or sqlite3 in the past). Which value should I use for DATABASE_ENGINE in settings.py, postgresql_psycopg2 or postgresql? How do they differ from each other?

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postgresql_psycopg2 and postgresql both use psycopg, versions 2 and 1 respectively. They are both implemented as C extensions using the libpq API to PostgreSQL.

postgresql_psycopg2 is currently recommended -- the original author has deprecated version 1 and is only making new releases of version 2.

When Django was originally released, psycopg2 was still in beta and was not recommended, but this has long since changed.

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But can you explain me what are cons of using only postgresql ? and some benefits of postgresql_psycopg2. –  cafebabe1991 Apr 29 at 16:44

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