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I am filling texbox value through ajax call. i want to change event get fired when the value gets filled.

ajax call

    url: 'ajaxExecute.aspx/GetCustInfoTeller',
    data: strRequest,
    dataType: "json",
    contentType: "application/json",
    cache: false,
    context: document.body,
    type: 'POST',

    success: function (response) {
        var saResponse = response.d.split("|");
        $('#txtDateofBirth').val(saResponse[0]); // For this textbox change event gets fired    

Code for change event handler

$("#txtDateofBirth").bind('change', function () {
    var today = new Date();
    var birthDate = new Date($("#txtDateofBirth").val());
    var age = today.getFullYear() - birthDate.getFullYear();
    var m = today.getMonth() - birthDate.getMonth();
    if (m < 0 || (m === 0 && today.getDate() < birthDate.getDate())) {
    if (age > 7) {
    else {

I am not getting alert when value is entered in txtDateofBirth through ajax

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Are you using an old version of jQuery (< 1.7)? If not, why don't you use .on() instead of .bind()? –  MelanciaUK Jan 8 '14 at 10:22
Trigger the event, $('#txtDateofBirth').val(saResponse[0]).change() –  Vohuman Jan 8 '14 at 10:23

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You have to trigger the event manually, it is only triggered automatically if the change was initiated by the user interface. Programmatically setting the value does not trigger the change event.

You can trigger an event with the .trigger() jQuery method:

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