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I'm using MSDeploy v3 to deploy a web application to mutliple environments, with a parameters.xml file to define the variations between environments and setparameters.environment.xml to set teh new values for each environment.

My issue is that I need a new entry in the system.web section of the config file in some environments later down the deployment pipeline, but not in local or test environments.

From what I have so far managed to find on MSDN and from Googling the topic it does not appear to be possible to add a new element to the xml file. Is this correct? Any ideas how to cleanly achieve what I need to do without external post deployment scripts?

One thought I had was to define the setting in the base config file and remove it in the test params file. Is this possible and is it the right solution?

Many thanks

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You can actually remove elements using Web Deploy parameters, but for your scenario I tend to simply use a Release Web.config transform to remove development configuration from environments further down the chain, only only falls over if you deploy your debug settings to any environments.

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Thanks for your reply Richard. That is the best link I have seen on the topic. I think your guidance combined with some of the scenarios in that link should get me where I need to be. –  likeaninja Jan 16 '14 at 9:40

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