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I am connecting to a jenkins app from a rails app, using ActiveResource. jenkins/api/json?depth=1 not working, from the rails app.

Though from the browser when I am varying the depth attribute then more data are returned in depth=2 vs depth=1.

Any help will be highly appreciable.

In my active resource Remote model..

require 'active_resource' 
require 'JSON'
class Remote < ActiveResource::Base
include ActiveResource::Formats::JsonFormat
self.site   = "http://myJenkinsDomain:8080/api/json?depth=2" 
#self.site   = "http://myJenkinsDomain:8080/api/json?depth=1" --> any depth is returning the    #same resulset from jenkins json api, depth=0, depth=1, depth=2

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Please provide additional information. What is the code that you are executing, are there any server logs, do you have request logs? Otherwise this question will probably get closed. –  phoet Jan 8 '14 at 13:13
Edited my question with the code. –  Doel Jan 9 '14 at 7:53

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