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I have a html form and it has few SELECT drop downs. How can i disable all SLECT drop downs of the form in one shot using JQuery?

form id : mainId


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$('#mainId select').prop('disabled', true). –  undefined Jan 8 at 11:58
selectors, .prop() –  Andreas Jan 8 at 11:59

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try this

 $('#mainId select').prop('disabled',true);

use prop() if you are using jquery 1.6+ version

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Learning guy here, I suggested him to use .attr() so is that fine? Or should I take back my answer –  Mr. Alien Jan 8 at 12:05
well, as of old version of jquery , before 1.6, attr() was the only way to change the property value , which did cause inconsitent behaviour, thus prop() was introduce in later version, to explicitly retrieve property values. –  bipen Jan 9 at 3:22
Kwel, I deleted my answer already, thanks for the info :) –  Mr. Alien Jan 9 at 3:42
cheers!!!!!! :) –  bipen Jan 9 at 3:55
$('select').prop("disabled", true);

Or specific:

$('#mainId select').prop('disabled',true);

The.prop () method: Get the value of a property for the first element in the set of matched elements or set one or more properties for every matched element.

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$("#form-id select").attr("disabled", "disabled");


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