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I want to catch all exceptions and have report them meaningfully in google analytics. What I have done so far is :

set <bool name="ga_reportUncaughtExceptions">true</bool>, I guess this is working only for the activities that easytracker enabled like this: EasyTracker.getInstance(this).activityStart(this);

I wanted to catch all exceptions in application level, and easyTracker to also keep working in defined activites.

I have tried to modify this v2 solution into v3, but still not seeing my exception in google analytics(

EasyTracker easyTracker = EasyTracker.getInstance(this);

ExceptionReporter exceptionReporter = new ExceptionReporter( 
    easyTracker, // Tracker, may return null if not yet initialized.
    GAServiceManager.getInstance(),                        // GAServiceManager singleton.
    Thread.getDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler(), this); 

exceptionReporter.setExceptionParser(new AnalyticsExceptionParser());

UncaughtExceptionHandler myHandler =  exceptionReporter;       // Current default uncaught exception handler.

// Make myHandler the new default uncaught exception handler.
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1.To get exception report in google analytics
Use this function in your global file

 public static void sendExceptiontoServer(Context mContext,String title, Exception e){
         EasyTracker easyTracker = EasyTracker.getInstance(mContext);
                 new StandardExceptionParser(mContext, null)
                 .getDescription(title + " : " + Thread.currentThread().getName(), e), false).build());
     }catch(Exception ex){

And call this function from anywhere in your code as

}catch(Exception e){ 
 GlobalFile.sendExceptiontoServer(mContext, "error description :", e); 

2. To get crash report
copy-paste this code in Oncreate function of your Application class

 EasyTracker.getInstance(this).set(Fields.SCREEN_NAME, getClass().getSimpleName());

Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler uncaughtExceptionHandler = Thread.getDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler();
if (uncaughtExceptionHandler instanceof ExceptionReporter) {
  ExceptionReporter exceptionReporter = (ExceptionReporter) uncaughtExceptionHandler;
  exceptionReporter.setExceptionParser(new AnalyticsExceptionParser());

And create AnalyticsExceptionParser class as

 public class AnalyticsExceptionParser implements ExceptionParser {
            public String getDescription(String thread, Throwable throwable) {
           return String.format("Thread: %s, Exception: %s", thread,Log.getStackTraceString(throwable));
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how to use in android app. i used this in my catch condition like this myTracker.send(new HitBuilders.ExceptionBuilder() .setDescription( new StandardExceptionParser(this, null) .getDescription(Thread.currentThread() .getName(), e)).setFatal(false) .build()); – Vijay Rajput Jul 24 '14 at 10:11
@VijayRajput Didn't get you. – Giru Bhai Jul 24 '14 at 10:28
how to use in android app activity – Vijay Rajput Jul 24 '14 at 10:31
@VijayRajput Which code? you posted in comment,please explain more in detail,and post as a new question will be useful. – Giru Bhai Jul 24 '14 at 10:43
how to use this AnalyticsExceptionParser class in setdescription method in above comment code – Vijay Rajput Jul 24 '14 at 10:54

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