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Salam (means hello) :)

I'm running mongodb 2.4.8 and Mongo DB Native NodeJS Driver. when I use the following function, only first document that matched query updates. how can I update all matching documents?

function update(coll, query, update, callback){
    var options = options || {};
    MongoClient.connect('mongodb://', function(error, db) {
            return console.dir(error);
        db.collection(coll).update(query, update, {w:1}, function(error, result) {
            callback(error, result);

I installed my mongodb driver via npm install mongodb command, which installs version 1.3.23, does this driver version support multi update? if not, how can I install a newer version of driver supports multi update?

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You need to set the multi option in your update call to update all matching docs instead of just the first one:

db.collection(coll).update(query, update, {w:1, multi: true}, callback);
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thanks, I also found another document for update function which doesn't need neither callback function nor {w:1}, can you explain their difference? –  Nasser Torabzade Jan 9 '14 at 9:15
@NasserTorabzade That doc is for the Mongo shell, not the node.js driver. But you likely don't need w:1 in your code, either. –  JohnnyHK Jan 9 '14 at 13:27

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