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I've used TinyMCE in my projects. It works well when I run the web application locally. But when I put the files on the internet, text-color and font-size don't apply in the formatting.
What's the problem ?

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have you checked that your css file is actually being loaded by the browser? –  Aidan Ewen Jan 8 at 13:11
@AidanEwen as I mentioned, it works without any problem when I run it locally –  Mohammad Saberi Jan 8 at 13:13
Identify the css file that sets the styles. Then look in your browsers debugging tools to see if it's actually being loaded when you run it remotely. You need to use something like Chrome's Network panel overview to make this check - developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/docs/… –  Aidan Ewen Jan 8 at 13:20
I checked it @AidanEwen. It loads needed files. –  Mohammad Saberi Jan 8 at 14:05
you should show your usecase - ideally in jsfiddle example –  TMS Jan 11 at 14:27

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I think you've got an another rule that overrides your font style.

The fact that the development and production version diverge is a little weird, have you try to clean your cache (CTRL + F5) ? Like @Aiden Ewen said, you should view the rule being applied to an element by inspect it using the developers tools, and easily target the file and line where is located this rule.


Here you can see the color black is applied to #question-header a in the all.css file.

You can also try, if it is not already, to add the keyword important next to the CSS rules you want to apply at the TinyMCE.

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Finally I've found the problem when I saw the source of page.
This is what is stored in databae for one of that items:

<span style=\"font-size: 24pt; color: #ff0000;\">

When I removed \ from stored data, problem got solved. I'm using PDO to connect PHP with MySQL. So I think it is escaping double quotes.
So the solution is about preventing PDO to escape double quotes.

Thank you all to getting participate in this question.

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You should use Css instead of markup inside the Html –  Aperçu Jan 19 at 9:04
@Aperçu, it is what is done by TinyMCE by default –  Mohammad Saberi Jan 19 at 10:07

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