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Having following scenario:

  • TabControl with two pages on the Form
  • Each tab page contains TreeView component
  • Tab page Enter event:
    • Populates the TreeView with generated nodes
    • Selects desired node to be highlighted (tree.SelectedNode = desiredNode)
    • Activates the TreeView to receive focus and thus show the selected node in different colour (tree.Select())
  • There is one little difference between the two tabs:
    • Additionaly to the TreeView (and buttons), there is also TextBox control placed on the second one.

The page with the TextBox sets the focus to such TextBox and there seems to be no way to focus the TreeView. Used methods (and their combinations):

  • tree.Select()
  • tree.Focus()
  • form.ActiveControl = tree

Clicking on the TreeView's free area (avoid clicking any node) does the job and the selected node is highlighted. The same situation with pressing TAB cycling the controls in tab order until TreeView is reached.

Is there a way to focus the TreeView and not to let the TextBox steal the focus after a tab is Entered?

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You forgot to check TabIndex –  Sinatr Jan 8 at 13:25

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Yes, like Sinatr said you could use the TabIndex on the tab with the textbox to set to proper order of the controls.

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Hmmm, haven't understand it, but tried and the observation (you probably wanted to share) is following: The control having the minimal TabOrder is activated after Enter event. The problem is, the TextBox should have lower TabOrder because it's above the TreeView :o( Did I miss anything else? –  sharpener Jan 8 at 16:13
I mean TabIndex, not TabOrder... –  sharpener Jan 8 at 16:17
The Order of the controls in one tab or windows form is set by the order of their placement. May be you put the TreeView first and then add the Textbox to the screen. There is an icon in Visual Studio for the TabOrder can you look in there? –  Atanas Desev Jan 8 at 22:40
Yes, this is clear now: the TreeView must have the lowest TabIndex. It does not matter if it is set manually or via the Tab Order button "Wizard". The problem is, if the desired tab order is different than the one required for the ability to focus the TreeView (which is my case now). I would prefer to have option to Focus the TreeView regardless of its TabIndex... Anyway, thank you for hints. –  sharpener Jan 9 at 8:53

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