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I use Eclipse with PyDev on Mac OS 10.7. For some reason, my editor doesn't recognize '.' as a word boundary, so ctrl+right (i.e. the "Next Word" command) skips over an entire series of identifiers. For example, hitting ctrl+right skips across this entire series of identifiers, as shown by the carets:

^                                 ^

This is SO FRUSTRATING. It makes it annoying to use shift+ctrl+right to select only a single identifier. How can I fix this behavior?

Note: The preference setting referenced in this answer does not fix the problem.

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The issue turned out to be caused by a Mac OS System Preferences setting.

10.9 (Mavericks) and later:

The Word Break option has been removed in Mavericks. Instead:

defaults write .GlobalPreferences AppleTextBreakLocale en_US_POSIX


10.8 and earlier:

Many thanks to @Fabio Zadrozny for describing the fix in this old PyDev issue thread:

Go to System Preferences > Language & Text > Text, and set the ‘Word Break’ dropdown to ‘English, United States (Computer)’.

... then restart Eclipse and you're good to go!

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