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I am currently working with the MPMoviePlayerController and am analysing metrics for video playback. Specifically, analysing adaptive bitrates.

As part of testing I load a particular rendition of the video at a fixed bitrate (995kbps), however when reading from the observedBitrate property of my MPMovieAccessLogEvent, this value is much more inflated - to the tune of around 15mbps.

Is there any known reason why this bitrate being returned is considerably higher than that of the playback? I have double checked all values, and all playback, and it is definitely the observedBitrate that is inflated.

According to the documentation, this value is:

The empirical throughput across all media downloaded for the movie player, in bits per second.


I posted this question on the developer forums and have received an answer, which is still just conjecture but thought it might aid the question anyway and maybe provoke a better answer.


It would be worth checking your HLS video with mediastreamvalidator which will download and measure your segment bit rates.

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+1 Interesting question - I never really doublechecked those logged values. Assuming that you wont get a proper answer here (likely), go ahead and file a TSI. –  Till Jan 8 '14 at 15:32
Thanks. Yeah it is strange, I was thinking maybe 'throughput across all media' means that there is also additional overhead being included with this bitrate of total download. But can't seem to deduce any pattern when I play my other renditions (240kbps, 640kbps). –  Jeff Jan 8 '14 at 15:47
I do certainly see that the actual downloaded data is more than the played stream bitrate as there is at least the point of up- and down-scaling the chosen stream bitrate while playing. In other words, the player may sometimes throw away chunks in the favor of a different bandwidth while streaming. That however should never add up to a factor of 2 or higher and it would only apply to http-streaming. –  Till Jan 8 '14 at 15:52

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