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I am using jquery nivo slider plugin. Nivo slider . In the demo provided had the html caption( single image along html caption ) . I try to add a button instead of html caption . By clicking the button some event will be trigger . The html caption for a image were placed already using this way

<div id="slider" class="nivoSlider">
<img src="{{media url=" wysiwyg/toystory.jpg "}}" alt="" />
<a href="#">
    <img title="This is an example of a caption " src="{{media url=" wysiwyg/up.jpg "}}" alt="" />
<img src="{{media url=" wysiwyg/walle.jpg "}}" alt="" data-transition="slideInLeft" />
<img title="htmlcaption" src="{{media url=" wysiwyg/nemo.jpg "}}" alt="" />

I try to place inside the div , but it is not visible in the front end . so I try to place the under the title attribute of the image tag . This shows the button in the front end page. The following html to add a button to image.

<img title="<button id='adbtn'>hello</button>" src="{{media url=" wysiwyg/walle.jpg "}}" alt="" />

This image tag is placed in the div having id slider. I can able to view the button in the front end. A click event for the id provided to the button using jquery is not working . It shows undefined in the console. I added following Jquery code in header.phtml file

jQuery('#adbtn').click(function(){alert('hello btn');});

Actually I am using this plugin in magento to have home page slider . Any other ways to implement the button action to the slider is also helped to overcome this problem . Suggest me some ideas will really help to solve this. Thanks in advance.

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when you click on button .is it showing the message as JQuery not defined ? –  Pradeep Sanku Jan 8 at 14:32
Sizzle, jQuery's selector engine won't find the button this way since it's not looking for HTML elements inside attribute values. –  Marcell Fülöp Jan 8 at 14:34
Nope @PradeepSanku is doesn't show jQuery is not defined .. –  Rajan Jan 8 at 14:35
@MarcellFülöp but plugin already use this approach to show html caption . So i tried this way ,but it doesn't sounds good . –  Rajan Jan 8 at 14:38

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