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Can I organize the doctrine entities description in the way like this:


In Place forder I have created file with content:

  type: entity
  table: place_type
      type: integer
      generator: { strategy:AUTO }
      type: string
      length: 255

But this is return me errors, system can't detect mapping file for Type class.

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I have never seen entities in sub-directories of `Project\TestBundle\Entity` directory. Are they recognized and loaded by Symfony2? –  A.L Jan 8 at 15:00
I used this in Doctrine, but for symfony this is doesn't work –  Andrey Tarykin Jan 8 at 15:19
So I think that the path at the beginning of the file is wrong, it should be Project\TestBundle\Entity\PlaceType or another name, as long as the file is in the Entity folder. –  A.L Jan 8 at 15:27
Yes, I can do this but how to make structure? –  Andrey Tarykin Jan 8 at 15:31
What structure? Inheritance of entities? Associate entities in order to make joins between tables? –  A.L Jan 8 at 16:16

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