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I´m trying to connect R and Teradata using RJDBC.

I´ve found this link that has an example using mysql, but i´m nos sure how to do the same with teradata.

drv <- JDBC("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver",
conn <- dbConnect(drv, "jdbc:mysql://localhost/test", "user", "pwd")

I´ve downloaded this driver: http://downloads.teradata.com/download/connectivity/jdbc-driver But i´m not sure where i should reference the directory.

I know there is a teradataR package out there, but i don´t know if it really works with the R 3.0.0.

For the time being i´m just interesting in pulling data out of the database. Something as simple as select * from table. The problem is RODBC is very slow...

Are there other options for doing this task?

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Using the R Console, enter the following steps below to make a Teradata connection:

drv = JDBC("com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver","ClasspathForTeradataJDBCDriverFiles") 


drv = JDBC("com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver","c:\\terajdbc\\terajdbc4.jar;c:\\terajdbc\\tdgssconfig.jar")  

NOTE: A path on a UNIX machine would use single forward slashes to separate its components and a colon between files.

conn = dbConnect(drv,"jdbc:teradata://DatabaseServerName/ParameterName=Value","User","Password") 


conn = dbConnect(drv,"jdbc:teradata://jdbc1410ek1.labs.teradata.com/TMODE=ANSI,LOGMECH=LDAP","guestldap","passLDAP01")

NOTE: Connection parameters are optional. The first ParameterName is separated from the DatabaseServerName by a forward slash character.



dbGetQuery(conn,"select ldap from dbc.sessioninfov where sessionno=session")
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I´ll try this. Thanks! –  Martín Bel Jan 9 at 16:06

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