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Auto-Format by eclipse for java code is brilliant! You can write terrible code and then simple type CTRL+SHIFT+f - and the code is amazing.

But, sometime I want to mark part of code to be not automatically formatted. For example by fluent interface:

public void fluentInterfaceJooqDemo() {
    create.select(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME, AUTHOR.LAST_NAME, count())

and after type CTRL+SHIFT+f

public void fluentInterfaceJooqDemo() {
    create.select(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME, AUTHOR.LAST_NAME, count()).from(AUTHOR).join(BOOK).on(AUTHOR.ID.equal(BOOK.AUTHOR_ID))
            .where(BOOK.LANGUAGE.eq("DE")).and(BOOK.PUBLISHED.gt(date("2008-01-01"))).groupBy(AUTHOR.FIRST_NAME, AUTHOR.LAST_NAME)

However, I'm looking for some method to mark such code non-autoformat, e.g.

public void fluentInterfaceJooqDemo() {
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you can select the part you want to format and then press CTRL + SHIFT + f so only the selected part gets formated –  Roman Vottner Jan 8 at 15:04
Personally, I don't think tools that encourage writing "terrible code" are brilliant. :) –  pamphlet Jan 8 at 15:40

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I think you can use @formatter:off and @formatter:on

// @formatter:off
public void fluentIterfaceThingy() { 
// @formatter:on

You might have to turn this option on in the code style section: Window->Preferences->Java->Formatter->Edit->On/Of Tags

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Thx, how turn this option on? –  Mark Jan 8 at 15:05
@Mark - Edited to highlight where that is. –  Todd Jan 8 at 15:08

Yes, that is configurable in eclipse. And you can redefine the on/off keywords.

enter image description here

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I am not sure if there is additional configuration needed (we have a customized eclipse in our company) but this works for me:

// @formatter:off // @formatter:on

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