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in my python project , all my test cases not import some package the main program imported,but when i run nosetests in the project dir,if my environment has not install some package the main program has imported ,it will occur failed about "No module named XXXX".

why nosetests will check these modules which the main program import whether has be installed?

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I can't frankly understand what you are asking for. Can you give sample code? –  geekazoid Jan 8 at 15:06
Try to improve your English. How is this related to nosetest? Does it work if you run your tests in some other way? –  Mattias Jan 8 at 15:08
Thank you very much.For example,my main.py start with import chardet,and my test_main.py is empty.In the commandline i enter nosetests,it occurs "No module named chardet". –  user3099830 Jan 8 at 15:39
Can you do python main.py? –  geekazoid Jan 8 at 15:51
Please, also provide full stack of the error running nosetests. –  geekazoid Jan 8 at 15:53

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