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I have method like this

def className  
  def method_name
    some code  
    some code and error message  

So, How to write down the rspec to test rescue block..?

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If you want to rescue, it means you expect some code to raise some kind of exception.

You can use RSpec stubs to fake the implementation and force an error. Assuming the execution block contains a method that may raise

def method_name
rescue => e
  "ERROR: #{e.message}"

hook the stub to that method in your specs

it " ... " do
  subject.stub(:other_method_that_may_raise) { raise "boom" }
  expect { subject.method_name }.to_not raise_error

You can also check the rescue handler by testing the result

it " ... " do
  subject.stub(:other_method_that_may_raise) { raise "boom" }
  expect(subject.method_name).to eq("ERROR: boom")

Needless to say, you should raise an error that it's likely to be raised by the real implementation instead of a generic error

{ raise FooError, "boom" }

and rescue only that Error, assuming this is relevant.

As a side note, in Ruby you define a class with:

class ClassName


def className

as in your example.

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Thanks Carletti. This is very helpful for me to test rescue block. –  Dheer Jan 8 '14 at 15:47

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