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I've created a new report using crystal reports 8.5. In it, I've used 3 sub reports and they are positioned in main report vertically. My question is, How can I stop overlapping them with each other and also with the down border of the main report?

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If you split the section they're in into 3 sections (eg, Report Header can divide into Report Header a, Report Header b and Report Header c), and place one subreport in each, the sections will expand to fit their contents in and the subreports should no longer overlap.

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@CodeByMoonlight, Thank you so much...You've solved many of my C.R. questions so far.... –  odiseh Jan 21 '10 at 6:50

in case if someone interested on steps of stop sub reports overlapping do the following:

  1. Right click on the details page and choose "Section Expert..."
  2. In the opened dialog box Sections column click on the Details(preferred) or other section and click on Insert button above.
  3. In the new inserted section add your new sub report.

enter image description here


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