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I'm writing python with PyDev and Eclipse. It's great, but when my code crashes, it prints my runtime stack to the console in the ugliest of ways. It just prints out a big list and it's really hard to read. There's gotta be a way to pretty this up, to make it way easier to read, right? Can PyDev do it? Thanks!

For example:

2014-01-08 10:28:04,173 [error] Traceable Error raised during rendering process... - R:\qa\examples\testcases\testcase1.xml 2014-01-08 10:28:04,175 [error] [Exception] Failed to complete request:

[' File "C:\Users\me\workspace\re\src\", line 1001, in run\n mainFun(self, modelXbrl, coutputFolder)\n', ' File "C:\Users\me\workspace\re\src\", line 27, in mainFun\n filing.mainFunDriver(cube)\n', ' File "C:\Users\me\workspace\re\src\", line 115, in mainFunDriver\n embedding.parseCommandText()\n', ' Fi le "C:\Users\me\workspace\re\src\", line 70, in parseCommandText\n raise Exception\n'] - 2014-01-08 10:28:04,175 [warning] Cannot process input file. - R:\qa\reExamples\gd001cabbage\cabbage-20090501.xml

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This is unrelated to Eclipse and PyDev. Somewhere in your code, you catch all exceptions and turn them into such ugly lists.

Stop doing that or convert the output into a single multi-line string and the output will look useful again.

Alternatively, you can try to format the list line by line when you log the error.

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