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I have a razor page which has the following code:

     var listItems = new List<ListItem>
          new ListItem { Text = "Select a Prefix", Value = "None" },
          new ListItem { Text = "a", Value = "a" },
          new ListItem { Text = "b", Value = "b" },
          new ListItem { Text = "c", Value = "c" },
 @Html.DropDownList("DropDownListOperationsPrefix", new SelectList(listItems, "Value", "Text"), new { onchange = "GetOperationPrefix()", @class = "someclass"})

How do I set a selected value for the dropdownlist when it posts back? Basically, preserve user selection on postback of page.

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You should be able to use:

new ListItem { Text = "a", Value = "a", Selected=true }

on the required item.

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If I have a value from Session that I want to set as selected value, then what should I do? Like I said, I want to preserve the user selection on page postback. –  Abhid Jan 8 at 15:46

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