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I have a WebView initialize with the initial Activity called MainActivity. This WebView is in a separate package, never visible, and used as a scripting engine as determined by my superiors (read:not my decision). This WebView also persists while the application is alive. This WebView has both the WebChromeClient and WebViewClient set as an anonymous class.

I also have another WebView created and interactive with the user in another Activity called WebViewActivity. This WebView too has both the WebChromeClient and WebViewClient set as an anonymous class.

My issue is this: for the first WebView when I have either the WebChromeClient or WebViewClient commented out:




the second WebView behaves predictably and as expected. When both WebChromeClient and WebViewClient are set in the first WebView:


the second WebView is inert, doesn’t ever get the onPageStarted method called or display any activity whatsoever. This behavior has been observed in Android 2.3.0-4.4.2.

I would appreciate any input as to why this may be happening, and if anyone has ever had this issue before; and with that, a workaround. Thank you all for your input.


Fortunately my circumstances allow for me to solely depend on the WebChromeClient for the scriptEngineWebView. (I’m using onProgressChanged() to determine when the document is loaded.) I still welcome any advice, criticisms, or questions.

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