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I want to sign a form using a certificate, however the only solution that i found was giving directly a private key to javascript and sign.

Exists any solution to do this or javascript can't do it?

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Because JS is (well, mostly) client-side and clear-text, any secret you would use for signing can be obtained by your sites visitors. I would submit the text and do the signing on server side. –  Marcell Fülöp Jan 8 at 17:13
You can, one thing that comes to my mind would be to get the signing key by https ajax, then do the signing in js. –  Edgar Villegas Alvarado Jan 8 at 17:14
But i want to verify on server side, i want to protect the integrity of my message. –  user3142716 Jan 8 at 17:16
ajax callback sounds good, i'll try it thx –  user3142716 Jan 8 at 17:25
Please see this article: matasano.com/articles/javascript-cryptography –  ntoskrnl Jan 8 at 17:50

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