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im begginer and searched documentation, but cant find this how to do this:

I have two tables, admin and application. Admin can have many appliactions.


class Model_Admin extends Model_Table {
    public $entity_code='admin';
    function init(){





class Model_Application extends Model_Table {
    public $entity_code='application';
    function init(){


First question, when i generate sql code (/generate.html) it doesn't produce anything for one to many relationship. Second, on a page i add CRUD:


But there is no hint for any one to many. I would expect it on the add button form, but also there is nothing?

What i want is, that i can add admin, and select wich applications belong to him?

Thank you for help!

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in Model_Application


on Page


In Edit form of CRUD you will see dropdown with all admins and you'll be able to set admin to each application

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Hi, thanks for your answer, but this is only for 1:1 solution. I created new question on M:M here: stackoverflow.com/questions/21045491/… –  Peter Jan 10 at 13:25
No, this is one to many connection, because one admin can have multiple applications. For many to many connection you need to use proxi table –  Vadym Jan 10 at 14:57
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