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I am trying to use Windsor Castle make the same Entity Framework Code first interfaces that are made available to a MVC Controller constructor available to an a WCF Service class constructor . The WCF Service is hosted IIS in a web project on a Windows 2008 server. The web project is MVC2 using .Net 4 Framework. The project uses Entity Framework Code first version 4.3 which was written in separate class library. The web project references this class library. Windsor Castle is used register the Entity Framework Code interfaces so that these interfaces are available to a Controller class constructor. All that works fine. What I cannot seem to get to work right is making those same interfaces available to a class constructor in WCF Service. I spent weeks researching the web and trying various ways to accomplish this but each attempt has failed. I used the Castle Windor’s WCF Intergration when trying to make the Entity Framework Code interfaces available to a class constructor in the WCF Service, but every attempt either ends up in throwing an exception or blowing up Visual Studio 2010 when the client accesses the WCF Service. Does anyone have any source code and project that accomplishes this task the can make available for download

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