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How can I use Binary Indexed Tree for Range update such that each element A[k] in a range say [i..j] is updated to A[k]*c where c is some constant and I need to do point queries after such update operations...

I tried with the below function but it wasn't working, here n is size of array,c is the constant I want to multiply each element of range with.

def updateM(x, c, n):
while x <= n:
    BIT[x] *= c
    x += (x & -x)

and these are my call's to update the range

updateM(i, c, n)
updateM(j+1, -c, n)

Any kind of help would be appreciated :)

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The multiplicative inverse of c is not -c but 1/c. Also, I don't understand, what you're trying to accomplish by x += (x & -x).

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Its simple just you have to Run a loop But this method is over killing You batter use segment tree and update the appropriate range not just single value

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