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I initialize a named ets table in my start(_StartType, _StartArgs) -> function, before setting up my standard Cowboy web handling routines.


I have this function:


My concern is this;

If i call count_req() for each web request under high load, i WILL most likely end up with an inaccurate count, because [{_,Cnt}]=ets:lookup(req_stats,req_count) could be updated several times before I return Cnt+1

Does ets provide a means to do an update & read in one go - like an increment operation?


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You can use ets:update_counter/3:

ets:update_counter(req_stats, req_count, {2, 1})

That is, increment the 2nd element of the tuple by 1, and return the new value.

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Thanks! just one quick edit, the ets table has to be public for my approach to work, other than that update_counter works fine. –  CharlesO Jan 8 at 18:58

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