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My application applies custom HLSL shader effects to a mediaElement using decorators. How can I record and save the modified video using the application itself in realtime?

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I have been using the RenderTargetBitmap object to render image sequences of animations like this:

First you call:

myStoryboard.CurrentTimeInvalidated += new EventHandler(onCurrentTimeInvalidated );

where myStoryboard is the Storyboard driving the animation and then you have the following method:

void onCurrentTimeInvalidated (object sender, EventArgs e)
            prefix = "";
            if (counter < 10)
                prefix = "000";
            else if (counter < 100)
                prefix = "00";
            else if (counter < 1000)
                prefix = "0";

            Size size = new Size(MainCanvas.ActualWidth, MainCanvas.ActualHeight);
            MainCanvas.Arrange(new Rect(size));

            RenderTargetBitmap bmp = new RenderTargetBitmap(imgWidth, imgHeight, 96d, 96d, PixelFormats.Default);

            JpegBitmapEncoder encoder = new JpegBitmapEncoder();
            encoder.QualityLevel = 90;
            string file = basePath + prefix + counter.ToString() + "_testpic.jpg";
            using (Stream stm = File.Create(file))

I am not sure how well this will work with the MediaElement but it may be worth a try. For this to work on the MediaElement though you need to drive the MediaElement from a MediaTimeline and call the onCurrentTimeInvalidated method from it's CurrentTimeInvalidated event.

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