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I'm trying to create button to a delete specific items out of my shopping cart, and so far it somewhat works. The problem is that it's not consistent. When I try to delete the 2nd item, it deletes the 3rd item, and when there are two items in the cart and I delete the second one, it doesn't do anything when the button is clicked. I must have missed something.

I have data being pulled out from my database, and I am starting i at 1.

    foreach ($_SESSION["cart_array"] as $each_item) { 
        $item_id = $each_item['item_id'];

This is what I have tried. My form looks like this..

    <form action='cart.php' method='post'>
<input name='deleteBtn" . $item_id . "'type='submit' value='Remove This Item' />
<input name='index_to_remove' type='hidden' value='" . $i . "' /></form>


And to remove the item, I have:

if (isset($_POST['index_to_remove']) && $_POST['index_to_remove'] != "") {
    // Access the array and run code to remove that array index
    $key_to_remove = $_POST['index_to_remove'];
    if (count($_SESSION["cart_array"]) <= 1) {
    } else {
        //In case I want it to sort - sort($_SESSION["cart_array"]);

Can you help?

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Remember that arrays in PHP are 0-based (unless you manually specified them) – Jessica Jan 8 '14 at 19:55
I am. I have specified my multidim array to start at 1. – user3150191 Jan 8 '14 at 19:58

The code you have posted never increments $i, so $_POST['index_to_remove'] is always 1. This is going to delete $_SESSION["cart_array"]["1"] every time.

It's impossible to tell from this code which item has index "1" in $_SESSION["cart_array"], but the key point is that you are using the same value for $_POST['index_to_remove'] for every item.

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I do have i++; right after that form. – user3150191 Jan 8 '14 at 19:57
@user3150191 Then you need to post that code; we can't help you find the problem if you don't post all of the relevant code. – Ed Cottrell Jan 8 '14 at 19:58
ok, sorry about that. – user3150191 Jan 8 '14 at 20:00

you should use the index (keys) of the array. Arrays are lists of key=>value pairs:

foreach ($_SESSION["cart_array"] as $key => $each_item) {

Now use that key in your form:

<input name='index_to_remove' type='hidden' value='" . $key . "' />

And finaly unset the array_key (if it exists):

$key_to_remove = $_POST['index_to_remove'];

if(array_key_exists($key_to_remove, $_SESSION["cart_array"])){

Suggestion: Since you have a (unique) item_id to start with, why not use that item_id as key (identifier) in your array to start with? Instead of having it in your values.

So this:

$_SESSION["cart_array"][0] = array(
      'item_id' => 'IdOfYourItem',
      'item_name' => 'nameOfYourItem',
      'quantity' => 1,
      'other_key' => 'otherValue'

could be this:

$_SESSION["cart_array"]['IdOfYourItem'] = array(
      'item_name' => 'nameOfYourItem',
      'quantity' => 1,
      'other_key' => 'otherValue'
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What I think is happening is that when $i is deleted, the items change, so $i = 3, becomes $i = 2 after the first $i = 2 was deleted. If I try to delete $i=2 again, it doesn't let me. Is there a way to update the code so it refreshes somehow? Other than that, it's working the way I had it. – user3150191 Jan 8 '14 at 20:44

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