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So I have a dropdown and I am using angular to build it. Minutes is an array of numbers [0,1,2....59]. The filter is a simple filter that displays the digits from 0-9 as 00, 01... etc.

 <select ng-model="addObj.StartMinute"
                            ng-options="m as m | pad2Digit for m in Minutes"
                            <option value="">-- select --</option>

My problem is that this ALWAYS reports being valid. I have removed the option in there that lets me customize the option used when no match is found, and that doesn't change it. I have tried setting StartMinute to null, -1 and undefined and still the select ALWAYS says it is valid.

I have found so far that the problem has to do with my using simple numbers rather than binding to objects. In cases where I am doing a dropdown with more a collection of objects, required validation is correctly detecting that nothing is chosen. I would have thought that setting the initial value on the above dropdown to null would work, but it isn't. So does anyone know how to use required validation on a dropdown that is bound to an array of numbers?

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There must be something else on the project where it wasn't working making this not work because the raw jsfiddle I threw together to try to demo the problem works properly. If the initial value is null, then the validation does fail like I would expect.

    var app = angular.module("app",[]);
    $scope.test = "wee";
    $scope.number1 = null;


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