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I have a set of vectors (1 for IDs one for names) I want to create an object in javascript for each element of a vector (containing 1 ID 1 name) and I want to store that in local storage. what would be the syntax for me to dynamically create these objects with what I'm guessing would be a for loop?

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How is that connected to Java? –  NeplatnyUdaj Jan 8 at 20:34
I intend to use a java method to put the vectors into javascript vars –  wjhplano Jan 8 at 20:35
Have you looked at any JSON library (like GSON or Jackson)? –  Elliott Frisch Jan 8 at 20:38
for some reason it won't work for me. the localStorage stuff works fine but JSON isn't responding –  wjhplano Jan 8 at 20:40
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I solved my problem by just passing strings. A set of strings for each column works fine.

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