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Despite specifying JDK 1.7 in all project settings (including in File -> Project Structure -> Project :: Project SDK), the following error is produced by IntelliJ 13 when trying to compile some simple Java 7 code which does use the diamond operator:

java: diamond operator is not supported in -source 1.5
(use -source 7 or higher to enable diamond operator)

Is there any other place in the configuration where the expected -source 7 option should be enabled?

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Tried you: File -> Project Structure -> Project :: Project language level change to Diamonds, ARM, multi-catch etc ? – adamshakhabov Jan 8 '14 at 20:55
Yes. As it turns out, there is yet another option under File -> Project Structure -> Modules :: Sources (next to Paths and Dependencies) and that has a "Language level" option which also needs to be set correctly. Thanks you all guys for the comments and the answers! :-) – PNS Jan 9 '14 at 21:19
duplicate… – rofrol Jan 23 at 8:13
There are 3 places that need to be updated. (1) File -> Settings (Ctrl+alt+s for the shortcut) then "Build, Execution, Deployment">Compiler>Java Compiler and change the "Target bytecode version" to your desired Java version. (2 and 3) The other place is under File>Project Structure (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S)> "Project Settings">"Project" change Project SDK to point to the appropriate version of Java and set the Project language level to the correct version. The code assist only changes the language level for you unfortunately making this an annoyance for new projects. – 8bitme Oct 9 at 9:54
What if I have 200 modules in my project do I have to spend all day reclicking them? – user1308908 Nov 10 at 19:42

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Please check your project/module language levels (Project Structure | Project; Project Structure | Modules | module-name | Sources). You might also want to take a look at Settings | Compiler | Java Compiler | Per-module bytecode version.

Set also this:

File -> Project Structure -> Modules :: Sources (next to Paths and Dependencies) and that has a "Language level" option which also needs to be set correctly.

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And check if Additional command line parameters in Java Compiler settings is blank. – NeplatnyUdaj Jan 8 '14 at 20:57

If nothing of this helps (my case), you can set it in your pom.xml, like this:


As this cool guy mentioned here:

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First, you need to change the "project bytecode version" under File > Settings, Compiler > Java Compiler

Second, do a full rebuild.

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Alternatively, you can apply maven-compiler-plugin with appropriate java version by adding this to your pom.xml:

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