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The following code throws an unhandled exception, and I have no clue why.

using (WebView view = WebCore.CreateWebView(1100, 600)) 

Unhandled Exception: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. at Awesomium.Core.NativeMethods.WebCore_CreateWebView_1(HandleRef jarg1, Int32 jarg2, Int32 jarg3, HandleRef jarg4) at Awesomium.Core.WebCore.CreateWebView(Int32 width, Int32 height)

Any idea on how to solve this?

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  • I had the same issue and it seems when the JavaScript is off, it will crash. So it's better to start WebCore.CreateWebSession with WebPreferences.Default instead of new WebPreferences with JavaScript = false.
  • Also its session needs a separate thread for the whole life of the application (just one thread and not more).
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