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I have 2 worksheets. One with the account number and sub account (shown here):

   B                 C                      D
   580101            1                      (where formula should be)   
   580101            2
   580102            1
   580102            2

The second worksheet shows (accts):

    B                C                      D
    580100           0                      Provision for Bad Debt IP
    580101           0                      Provision for Bad Debt OP
    580101           1                      Bad Debt Mcare IP
    580101           2                      Bad Debt Mcare OP

I want to be able to create a formula that if (Sheet 1) Column A and Column B is found in the accts (second worksheet) then the description should be displayed.

For example:
On the first row it shows 580100 1. Then the description should be "Bad Debt Mcare IP".

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I do but not well versed. – user3175459 Jan 8 '14 at 23:59

The most straightforward way is to create a unique key on each worksheet that is a combination of the id and subaccount numbers using the concatenate operation &

For example in a new column (unique key) just add A1&B1 which will create a unique key. Its then easy to do a vlookup on the data to get the description you want.

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