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In a 'Jobs' table / model, I have two fields using 'hasOne' to pull descriptions from Companies and People tables:


My goal is to use the choice made for Companies to filter People to that list who are associated with companies_id. Both Jobs and People have companies_id which would match 'id' in the Companies table.

How best to apply the equivalent filter (for the second item - the Contact) which is equivalent to 'WHERE People.companies_id = Jobs.companies_id'? Is there a form of addCondition to accomplish this?



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Am I missing something obvious? It seems like it would be necessary to use atk's javascript to fire on the event when Company is changed... to reload the contents of Contact. – Mark Jan 9 '14 at 19:15
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There is no way how toolkit can do this easily. You would need that on the field level and you can implement a custom validation.

This is from older demos, but you can make it work:

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