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From the JQuery reference @ :

    opacity: 0.25,
    left: '+=50',
    height: 'toggle'   }, 5000, function() {
    // Animation complete.   

It seems we can only modify real CSS properties, however I wish I could animate JQuery object properties as well. As example I would like to animate the 'value' property of a progressbar:

$('.selector').progressbar('option', 'value', 37);

I couldn't find a way to animate this 'value' property of the progressbar, is there any way to do so?

Thanks for help..

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I don't really get the question. You want to make the value (37 in this case) dynamic? And then animate the progressbar to the new value? – Tim Feb 16 '10 at 10:58
Yes, exactly. I want to animate the 'value' property to move it towards 100. – driAn Feb 16 '10 at 11:41
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You might find this link useful:

Not exactely what you wanted but you could get around and implement your own step function to update the progress bar.

var step_def = $.fx.step._default;

$.fx.step._default = function (fx) {
    if ( fx.prop != 'progress' ) return step_def(fx);

    fx.elem[fx.prop] =;
    $(fx.elem).progressbar('option', 'value',;

// Now call animate
$('.selector').progressbar('option', 'value', 0)[0].progress = 0;
$('.selector').animate({ progress: 100 }, { duration: 1000 });
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If it's to animate the value couldn't you use javascript setInterval() and clearInterval() method?

You could do something like:

var progressBar = $('#progress');           
var index=0;
var maxCount=100;
var theInterval = setInterval (function(){
    if (index == maxCount) {
}, 100 );

In the above example the setInterval function fires every 100 milliseconds and just increases the value by 1 each time, when it hits 100 the clearInterval function stops it animating.

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