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If server is in India - storing timestamps value in IST. When run server from US - storing timestamps value in EST. I am using oracle database and hibernate 4.0.

Please suggest me how to get around this discrepancies.

I referred below links.

How can I get the current date and time in UTC or GMT in Java?

Hibernate TypeResolver

JPA/Hibernate store date in UTC time zone

Hibernate force timestamp to persist/load as UTC

Java, Hibernate, MySQL - store UTC date-time

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There is a similar question. You can refer answer by markthegrea in following thread

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Hi All I referred this link stackoverflow.com/questions/4117249/… but as I am using hibernate 4 , I cant see above set method for CalendarType. Please let me know how I can proceed. –  Rupesh Deo Jan 9 '14 at 13:22

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