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I am trying to make ng-repeat safe pagedown editor in simpler way using a template in a directive.

This is the demo.

As you see from the following code, I bind two variables

  • uniqNum
  • and, modelName

This is the code.

var app = angular.module('myApp', []);
app.controller('MyCtrl', function($scope) {
  $scope.arr = ["1234567"];

app.directive('pagedownEditor', function($compile, $timeout) {
  var num=0;
  return {
      '<div class="wmd-panel">'+
        '<div id="wmd-button-bar-{{uniqNum}}"></div>'+
        '<textarea ng-model="modelName" class="wmd-input" id="wmd-input-{{uniqNum}}">'+
      '<div id="wmd-preview-{{uniqNum}}" class="pagedown-preview wmd-panel wmd-preview">'+
    link: function(scope, iElement, attrs) {
      if (scope.$index !== undefined) {
        //the following returns 'arr[0]'
        scope.modelName = Object.keys(scope.$parent).filter(function(el) {
          return (el[0]!=='$' && el !== "this")
        })[0] + '[' + scope.$index + ']';
        scope.uniqNum = scope.$index;
      } else if (attrs.ngModel) {
        scope.modelName = attrs.ngModel;
        scope.uniqNum = num++;

      var converter = Markdown.getSanitizingConverter();
      var editor = new Markdown.Editor(converter, "-" + scope.$index);
      $timeout(function() {;});

I have no problem setting uniqNum using {{uniqNum}}
However, if I set ng-model="{{modelName}}", I have an error, Error: [$parse:syntax].
If I set ng-model="modelName", no error but ng-model value is modelName itself.

It should show 1234567 instead of variable name arr[0] in textarea.

From the above code, how do I set ng-model="arr[0]" using template?

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So you want to automatically detect if pagedownEditor is in a ng-repeat or not. If it is in, ng-model should be arr[$index]. If not, ng-model should be modelName. Right? –  Daiwei Jan 9 '14 at 5:50
Yes. I admit that it dose not look simple. It's better and simple to iterate textarea, but could not make it –  allenhwkim Jan 9 '14 at 14:27

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Basically you can use $compile to generate dynamic template according to the existence of $index property on scope. If $index is defined, the directive is inside a ng-repeat.

Also you have to use track by expression in ng-repeat="str in arr track by $index". If not, every time value of arr[0] changes will cause ng-repeat to re-render the DOM.

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