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when I just type gre in my command-line, press tab it autofills the command grep in my bash.

similarly when I type, gi in my commandline and press tab, it autofills `git command.

how does this work? I want to do similar for maven, which I have installed it.

The terminal I used to install maven, works with the tab. but with any new terminal opened, it does not work. In fact, with new Terminals when I type the mvn, I get command not found. some little explanation and how to fix this will be very helpful.

If it is possible to briefly explain environment variables and .bashrc, it will be good to know. I did searching but I am getting confused


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For making it work across all bash sessions, you have to edit .bash_profile. Follow this post this link to see if that helps.

Regarding auto-completion, you could try what khmarbaise suggested above or this one. I suppose the it is for mvn 2.X versions, I don't know if it works for mvn 3.1 versions

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It look like you are searching for a maven-bash-completion.

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