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Hi I am working on an Android project which uses Cp2110 IC. I need to communicate with the device. As of now I can be able to connect the device through usb but I cannot communicate with it. I had googled and they referred to use ADB test and Missile Launcher as the reference. But I am not be able to connect using those. I have downloaded the USB HID Terminal. But the following line is creating the problem While write and read.

int status= connection.controlTransfer(0x00000000, 0x40, 0xFF, 0x3707, out, 
                                                            out.length, 3000 );

For read also they are using the same line of code. I am really confused about it. I didn't know what are those parameters for its called request code, request type, index. Can anyone please tell me what are those parameters and how to use it for my project. sorry If i didn't explain things clearly . Thanks in advance.

This is the endpoint details.. How can I transfer data to this?

This is the endpoint details.. How can I transfer data ti this

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