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I m generating resource assemblies from text files by executing a bat file in the pre-build event and copying them into bin folder. These resource assemblies are therefore not referenced in the project.

At present I need to manually copy these dlls into published folder. Is there a clean way that ensures that everytime I publish, the required dlls are copied into published folder.

Note: I do not want to hard code physical path for deployment folder in the bat file/ or prebuild events.

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Thanks Manoj Mevada. I m able to publish using web deploy. But my question is regarding "inclusion of dlls not referenced in the project... and are made available in bin after pre-build event" –  Modi Jan 9 '14 at 7:37

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Please select the DLL and open Property and Marked "Copy Local" as True. Please refer below image. it may help you.

enter image description here

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