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When I knit my R markdown file to HTML via the RWordPress package, the formatting of the <pre> and <code> tags is disrupted because of other styling/plugins (I think Crayon syntax highlighter is the biggest culprit, but I'm not willing to part with it). One simple solution might be to add a class to every <pre> and <code> tag generated by Knitr, so that they can be styled separately with some CSS, but I can't determine an easy way to do this. Do any Knitr experts know how this could be done automagically? Other solutions are welcome if they are similarly simple.

EDIT: To possibly clarify, I think that what I need to be doing is overriding the default 'source' hook generated by render_html() and add a new tag that way, but I'm struggling to figure out how by reading the documentation or the examples.

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I think i got your issue.. but still little unclear. cant you provide a sample code or fiddle.. ? –  Era Jan 9 at 7:25

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