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I installed Xampp 1.8.2 yesterday, and installed Apache and MySQL modules and they are running fine in the control panel, there was no issue here:

enter image description here

After I click the admin button, It should direct me to the 'localhost page' but I have a different path instead of localhost it opens a different IP:

enter image description here

It should open like this:

enter image description here

I have tried clicking the https://localhost link and the link in the img shown but after clicking the link there is a blank page which says:

enter image description here

and Whenever I open a page connected to the localhost it directs me to the page not showing the result.

How can I change the path back to localhost so I can easily open my files and easily work on my php files? I have a file called fileupload.php. I enter the following path localhost/fileupload.php but it directs me to the page.

What should I do to fix this. I tried configuring my httpd-xampp.conf file. But still doesn't work. My head is killing me!

my netstat results: enter image description here

There seems to be another error restricting me to use Xampp anymore:

enter image description here

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Open the file apache/conf/httpd.conf. Search for "" . If it is there, then change it to Listen 80 –  Balaji Kandasamy Jan 9 at 7:27
#Listen Listen 80 This is what it shows. It is listening to Port 80. –  ShahF Jan 9 at 7:30
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Try clicking the "phpMyAdmin" under Tools in your second image. And it will redirect you to a url "localhost/xampp/". Hope this helps.

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I have clicked the phpmyadmin page this is the path it directs to:… –  ShahF Jan 9 at 7:12
where did you install or the location of your xampp? –  Aljie Jan 9 at 7:19
C:\xampp. C: drive is my System drive. –  ShahF Jan 9 at 7:20
Where did you save your fileupload.php? –  Aljie Jan 9 at 7:22
C:\xampp\htdocs It's a MUST and it needs to be saved there. –  ShahF Jan 9 at 7:24
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Try Editing the Apache Config File.

By Clicking the Apache config button in the Xampp control panel, you will get(Appache(httpd.config)) file.

In that file, search for "Listen 85" and Edit the "Listen 85" to "Listen 80".

Save the File and Close.

And then Stop all the actions. Wait for few seconds. Start the Actions now.

It will Work...

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#Listen Listen 80 ServerName localhost:80 It is not Listening to port 85 as port 80 is the default port. It is listening to port 80 –  ShahF Jan 9 at 7:47
Do you have these lines in the httpd.config file "#Listen Listen 80" –  Mukil Jan 9 at 7:50
Yes I have the following lines: "#Listen Listen 80" in the httpd.conf file. As i have stated already. –  ShahF Jan 9 at 7:53
change the "#Listen Listen 80" into "#Listen Listen 8080". save it. stop all actions. restart the actions. Open browser and then type localhost:8080/ and enter. –  Mukil Jan 9 at 8:05
Nope, I tried changing it from port 80 to port 8080. Changed both the lines, it doesn't work. I am having this error: Request Error (invalid_request) Your request could not be processed. This could be caused by a misconfiguration, or possibly a malformed request. For assistance, contact your network support team. –  ShahF Jan 9 at 8:13
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