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I am useing Google maps SDK for iOS.I want to add marker some location.I get those Coordinates from Google Map.I found ATM Booths and other institution in Google Map With their specific icon but when i do this from app i don't get those.

In google map i fount an icon of ATM,Cafe and so manyenter image description here

But not in my App.I am using Google Maps SDK for iOS's Version 1.6.1

enter image description here

Can anyone describe it?

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I found the same problem last night when testing a small area.

The detail POIs (maybe when the zoomLevel of MapView is greater than 16?) is different between Yours.app and GoogleMaps.app

And it's easy to explain: Google need to keep the core competitiveness. In Maps business, data is everything.

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If you wan't other places/landmarks outside of the defaults in the mapping api you will need to look at Google places api.

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Is the ATM,Cafe these place markers are not default in Google Map?I mean does GMSMapView is not same as Google Map we see? –  SMi Jan 9 '14 at 7:47
No the Google Map we see is just another Map API client application, they are free to add and remove things from the output they display just like everyone else. –  norlesh Jan 9 '14 at 7:54

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